CODBLOG14: Top planks.

The Top Planks and the Rubbing Strips all need replacing. This is a big job because they run the full lenght of the boat, they are shaped to fit the lines of the boat and they are made out of 5/8inch mahogany planking. Getting mahogany anyway is a bit of a challenge -- 21 feet lengths just ... read more


Last year, when this Centenary Project got started and we were arranging to move Kandahar from Gallows Point, Beaumaris to the workshop "tent" I received a letter from a Mrs Rosemary Asher who lives in the Isle of Wight. Mrs Asher's grandson had uncovered some old trophies in her attic and she ... read more

CODBLOG12: Ribs good to go

We've finished the ribs -- that is we've replaced all that we think is necessary. There is one original one left which looks OK so it will stay. Hope we don't regret that later but meanwhile it will give us a useful reference point for the next stage. The Rudder Support Block has been renewed. ... read more

CODBLOG11: The New Stem

Arthur had been whittling away at the big banana-shaped piece of oak and this week arrived at the boat with the new stem ready for its first fitting. This was the first of several fittings and after each time the stem was "fettled" to get a better fit. The bottom of the stem is secured to the ... read more

CODBLOG10: – Gwalch’s Back End

The old transom was shot so a suitable slab of new wood was purchased from our friendly woodyard in Trefnant. Using the old transom as a template Rod cut a new one to shape on the bandsaw. I think he's getting quite adept at bandsawing as it turned out to be a very good fit. The practice will be ... read more

CODBLOG 9 — COD Centenary Project — Ribbing Continues on GWALCH

We are now passed the halfway point with the re-ribbing of Gwalch with 24 done already. Following instructions from Arthur, Keith and I have cracked on with it. We have now drawn Neil Roobottom and Neil Appleton into the "ribbing team" and we are romping away with it! In a previous life as an ... read more

CODBLOG8 – GWALCH : Let Ribbing Commence

COD ribs are made from North American Rock Elm. Your common or garden European Rock Elm wont do -- its not flexible enough. It is also resistant to water and besides marine use its apparently used in the funereal business, strangely enough. Very few of the existing ribs were considered ... read more

CODBLOG 7 — Start of the Rebuild

The floorbeams that came out were mostly in two halves. By putting them together a template could be made to make new beams using 1.5ins. thick oak. This is were we missed having a bandsaw. Rod Yates sourced the timber and also found someone to cut it to shape. With a little tweaking when offered ... read more

CODBLOG 6 — Llandrillo College and CYMBA

Last June Llandrillo College officially opened its new MBEC Centre, for Marine, Building and Environment training and it is a first class facility. The Marine workshop provides training for NVQ levels in most aspects of boat construction and repair including wooden and fibreglass construction. ... read more

CODBLOG 5 : Gwalch — The Work Progresses

We numbered up all the deck beams before removing them. Most of them are shot and need replacing but we will use them as patterns for the new ones. All the old paintwork and anti-fouling has to be removed, inside and outside the hull. A hot-air gun and a scraper is an effective, if ... read more

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