CODBLOG 7 — Start of the Rebuild

The floorbeams that came out were mostly in two halves. By putting them together a template could be made to make new beams using 1.5ins. thick oak. This is were we missed having a bandsaw. Rod Yates sourced the timber and also found someone to cut it to shape. With a little tweaking when offered ... read more

CODBLOG 6 — Llandrillo College and CYMBA

Last June Llandrillo College officially opened its new MBEC Centre, for Marine, Building and Environment training and it is a first class facility. The Marine workshop provides training for NVQ levels in most aspects of boat construction and repair including wooden and fibreglass construction. ... read more

CODBLOG 5 : Gwalch — The Work Progresses

We numbered up all the deck beams before removing them. Most of them are shot and need replacing but we will use them as patterns for the new ones. All the old paintwork and anti-fouling has to be removed, inside and outside the hull. A hot-air gun and a scraper is an effective, if ... read more

CODBLOG 4 : Tools of the Trade

The CODs are not lightweight dingies! They weigh a ton and with a fixed keel require substantial support and careful handling (or lots of strong and willing bodies!) As we were going to do a lot of work on the boats they needed strong cradles and also some means of safely lifting them on and off ... read more

CODBLOG 3 —- A start on Gwalch

Gwalch had been donated to the CYC a couple of years ago after suffering a few years of neglect and abuse. It was stored in the stable in Sychnant with other COD's. It seemed to us that it might be an easier restoration than Kandahar and therefore the one to start with. We fetched it down and ... read more

CODBLOG 2 : Rescuing Kandahar

Kandahar had been languishing outside at Gallow's Point at Beaumaris for about 25 years. Brian Lee and David Gallichen had been meaning to restore it but had never got round to it. When approached, they were happy to donate the boat to our project so one sunny day last Spring we went to Beaumaris ... read more

Codblog 1

This BLOG will be a diary of the progress we are making to gettiing our COD’s back on the water.. THE "CodBlog" --- An ongoing progress report on the COD Century Project for restoration of CODs. CODBLOG 1 : A Place to Work. What we wanted was a workshop where we could get 4 CODs ... read more

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