Club Officers

Flag Officers and Committee Members

President Mary Meldrum
Vice Presidents Vic Edwards and Brian Fisher
Commodore Clive Hardman
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore Keith Simpson
Sailing Captain Karl Quirk
Honorary Secretary Derek Merton-Lyn
Honorary Treasurer Chris Brigg
Membership Secretary Patricia Nicholls
House Chairman Vic Edwards
Official Club Measurer Cris Miles
Trophy Secretary Rosie Eckett

Members of the Sailing Committee

  • Karl Quirk (Sailing Captain / Chairperson)
  • David Warden-Owen (COD Class Captain)
  • Pam MacDonald (COD Representative)
  • Rick Whittaker (Cruiser Racers)

Members of the House Committee

  • Vic Edwards
  • Vivienne Edwards
  • Kate Hardman
  • Patricia Nicholls
  • Hazel Roberts
  • Peter Roberts

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