Conway Yacht Club Prize Giving 2019

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CODBLOG27 : Work Starts on Kandahar

Hopefully, we learnt a little with Gwalch and this will make the progress on Kandahar easier. The only work that was done while we were up at Alun Simpsons was the removal of the paint from the topsides, the little that was left after exposure to the elements in Beaumaris for 25 or so years! In its ... read more

CODBLOG26: Setting Up The Next Phase

In August last year we had reached a crucial stage. We had completed Gwalch in time for the CYC Regatta but we had to vacate the premises that we were using as a result of the passing away of Alun Simpson. Fortunately, as a result of an appeal to Club members we had two generous responses, one from ... read more

CODBLOG25: Floating At Last

We didn't want a big crowd for the first launch for Gwalch. There was too much to go wrong. The brass band and champagne would have to wait until we were sure the thing floated! Although a mooring in the river had been arranged (gratis, thanks kindly to our new Harbour Master, Matthew Forbes) we ... read more

CODBLOG24: Fitting Out

It would have been nice to refit Gwalch with all new fittings. Our budget, however, doesn't run to new Harken blocks etc. so we are largely making do with what we've got. Keith and I did a fair bit of scouting around the other boats in the fleet to try to ensure we fitted the bits in the right ... read more

CODBLOG23: The Paintjob

We had many discussions, mostly around the bar, about the final colour of the hull. Dark colours are not so good with sunlight (if we ever get any) and we wanted to be different from the many white-hulled COD's. Reds and blues are also well represented so we opted for Cream from the International ... read more

CODBLOG22: Combings and Mouldings

If you spend any time comparing different COD's as I do (sad, I agree!) one of the most obvious differences is in the top Rubbing Strip which runs from stem to stern at deck level. Originally, boats such as Kandahar and Gwalch had sort of twin Rubbing Strips each side of the top plank but over ... read more

CODBLOG21: Time For Some Paint

So that we could get better access, the deck panels were removed (we'd only used "slave" steel screws). These panels were given a coat of primer, inside and out. At this stage, Gig Jackson brought his years of professional experience to the project together with his old clothes and a variety of ... read more

CODBLOG20: Deck Panels

We had decided to fit the deck panels provisionally before we painted the inside of the boat. We had worked out that 4 sheets of Marine Ply would be needed and had worked out how we would cut them out to fit, rather like a large jigsaw. The plywood was bought from Huws Gray in Mochdre and very ... read more

CODBLOG19: Carlins and Side Deck Beams

Another trip to our friendly woodyard in Trefnant and we had the two Carlins, which are the beams which run down each side of the cockpit to support the side decks. They are jointed into the deckbeams at the front and rear of the cockpit, and when fitted should have a nice sweeping curve to ... read more

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