Codblog 1

This BLOG will be a diary of the progress we are making to gettiing our COD’s back on the water..

THE “CodBlog” — An ongoing progress report on the COD Century Project for restoration of CODs.

CODBLOG 1 : A Place to Work.

What we wanted was a workshop where we could get 4 CODs inside.

It had to be cheap — very, very cheap.

I had tried to get a slot for two boats alongside the Helena Project — that’s the old hulk on Conwy Quay. The Trustees of that project were very amenable to the idea but the dead hand of Conwy Council Planning killed it off — the Bouncing Castle or some other amenity had to be accommodated first!

Anyway, when you want something badly, something always turns up! This something turned out to be a bit of space at the back of Alun Simpson’s orchard which he kindly let us use of and a large tent, rescued years ago by Rod Yates. It had been used for storing a canal boat until a gale had wreaked havoc with it.

We fetched the fabric and what was left of the framework and we had a couple of sessions with work parties assembling the thing that would have done justice as a Corporate Team Building exercise. Once Ron Cheetham had hooked up an electric power point for it the result was a very serviceable accommodation for two CODs where work could now progress.

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