CODBLOG 3 —- A start on Gwalch

Gwalch had been donated to the CYC a couple of years ago after suffering a few years of neglect and abuse. It was stored in the stable in Sychnant with other COD’s. It seemed to us that it might be an easier restoration than Kandahar and therefore the one to start with.

We fetched it down and into the tent where work was soon started. It was very obvious that this was not going to be a quick hit! Fresh water is very harmful to wooden boats and all of Gwalch’s decking, deckbeams and floorbeams were rotten from it. Many, many, ribs were needing replacement, the stem was de-laminating (a previous repair) and the transom was shot

We towed it down to Deganwy for Prom Day and afterwards got it well supported in the tent and have got on with the work.

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