CODBLOG 9 — COD Centenary Project — Ribbing Continues on GWALCH

We are now passed the halfway point with the re-ribbing of Gwalch with 24 done already. Following instructions from Arthur, Keith and I have cracked on with it. We have now drawn Neil Roobottom and Neil Appleton into the “ribbing team” and we are romping away with it!

In a previous life as an Industrial Engineer, I would have set a Standard Time of under one hour per rib and expected 8 ribs a day from a pair of operators. In Nissan we’d have probably done twice that! However, in our declining years our pace of work and recovery time is somewhat extended and one rib a day feels like a good days work — certainly worthy of a celebratory pint afterwards!

Our timber merchant has come up with a chunk of oak suitable for the stem. The grain has to follow the curve of the stem so the wood has to have been grown like that. They managed to get 2 slices out of the section so we have the wood to make new stems for both Gwalch and Kandahar. These large, banana-shaped pieces will certainly take some whittling down.

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