CODBLOG19: Carlins and Side Deck Beams

Another trip to our friendly woodyard in Trefnant and we had the two Carlins, which are the beams which run down each side of the cockpit to support the side decks. They are jointed into the deckbeams at the front and rear of the cockpit, and when fitted should have a nice sweeping curve to them.

We had kept all the old side-deck beams and they were all numbered. Although too far gone to be re-used they were invaluable to get the correct curve on the Carlins. Fortunately, we have enough stretch clamps to pull the new Carlins into position.

We then made the new side-deck beams (9 per side) using the old beams as patterns. Joints at each end are half-dovetailed, which gave us a bit of a challenge!

The wood for the side-deck beams is traditionally pitch pine which is not so easy to obtain. We actually bought a couple of old door frames salvaged from a chapel and the new beams are made from these. The only problem with reclaimed wood is having to extract any steel nails from them.

At this stage its getting very close to fitting the deck panels so we must make sure we’ve thought about everything that should be done before this. For example, the Samson Post or bollard that the mooring rope ties onto. When you look at a completed COD you only see a short protruberance sticking out of the deck, but actually this is a very chunky piece of oak that goes right down and bolts onto a floorbeam.

Also the mounting for the Chain Plates that secure the mast shrouds to the deck have to be prepared. Its much easier to do the work now rather than later when the deck panels are on.

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