CODBLOG20: Deck Panels

We had decided to fit the deck panels provisionally before we painted the inside of the boat. We had worked out that 4 sheets of Marine Ply would be needed and had worked out how we would cut them out to fit, rather like a large jigsaw.

The plywood was bought from Huws Gray in Mochdre and very quickly we were able to offer the panels up to the boat, mark them up and cut them to shape using an electric jigsaw.

For this “first fitting” we used steel posidrive screws which can be zapped in and out much quicker with a power tool. The proper screws we will use eventually to secure the deck are much softer and its too easy to damage the heads with a screwdriver.

The tricky bit was the short panel at the bow which had to fit round the stem. Keith used his Blue Peter training to cut out a paper and card pattern which we used to cut the panel.

Its amazing how the boat changes once that deck goes on. Its really beginning to look like the real thing!

Once all the panels were secured to position we could do the final preparation on them. The edges were all sanded back to shape, slots made for the chainplates, the transom horse was fitted. To make it easier to fit the front deck panels we had removed the Samson post; now we could make the holes in the deck panels and refit it.

To cover the raw edges of the deck panels we are going to fit a half-round moulding, which will effectively be another rubbing strip around the boat. We already have some spare mahogany which we can cut into strips using the circular saw and then plane and sand to shape. They will then have to be scarfe jointed to give the 21 foot lengths needed down the side of the boat.

Next step was to strip the deck off again ready for painting inside the boat. All very exciting!

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