CODBLOG26: Setting Up The Next Phase

In August last year we had reached a crucial stage. We had completed Gwalch in time for the CYC Regatta but we had to vacate the premises that we were using as a result of the passing away of Alun Simpson. Fortunately, as a result of an appeal to Club members we had two generous responses, one from Derek Merton-Lyn and the other from Richard Bleakley.

Coincidently, both properties are adjacent to each other in the Builder Street area of Llandudno. Derek’s plot turned out to be just the right size for our tent once we had cleared the jungle that had grown on it. Access to it is a bit tricky as it is through the warehouse. We gathered a fair-sized team to get the Guard boat “Sior” into it as we have a big programme of refurbishment to get it ready for next season.

At Richard’s we have an excellent lean-to alongside his old warehouse (now sub-let). Solid roof and a concrete floor — such luxuries! We’ve been able to get both Kandahar and Cymba under cover and also the back end of Gwalch. Gwalch has been protected by a tarpaulin and will need the usual pre-season preparation.

The tenant next door (Total Wind) have let us plug into their electric and Richard has allowed us use of one of his storage containers so we are really well set up!

Cymba was residing at Llandrillo College for the last year but they needed the room so we have been so lucky to be able to accommodate it somewhere we can work on it.

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