CYC COD Race Report Early Bank Holiday Series 1


  • 5th May 2024

Series / Race

  • Early Bank Holiday Series, Race 1 Start time: 09:30


Wind: WNW BF2 10DegC Dry, Cloudy, Fine and Clear; Sea Smooth. Tide: HW 10:09 Springs -3 7.9m


  • SL (Off Deganwy Marina Quay Pontoon)
  • Beacon Speed Limit Marker
  • Deganwy Marina Outer PH Buoy
  • Beacons Speed Limit Marker
  • Deganwy Marina Outer PH Buoy
  • Tunnel
  • Fl (Off Deganwy Marina Quay Pontoon)


  • COD no. 8 Gwalch, Helm: Michael Leahy, Crew: Sion Williams, Sam Barnes
  • COD no. 15 Mercury Helm: Colin Lee, Crew: Mike

Race Officer

  • David Warden-Owen


  • Cox: David Massey
  • Crew: Kit Edwards


  • 1: Gwalch
  • 2: Mercury


The CYC Sailing Season started today on a beautiful Bank Holiday morning. Light winds and fine weather for the first two CODs to launch this year: Gwalch (Michael Leahy) and Mercury (Colin Lee).

The course was set in the Harbour by Race Officer David Warden Owen and started from Siôr, coxed by David Massey with Kit Edwards as crew.

Mercury made the better start, crossing the start line on port tack exactly at the start signal. Gwalch coming up from too far back off the line and crossing 40 seconds late.

The first tack on the beat went deep into railway bay with Mercury well ahead but by the time the boats reached the end of the bay Mercury had been set back by tide and Gwalch was in the lead.

Crossing the stream to reach the windward mark proved challenging with both Gwalch and Mercury missing the lay line initially due to the flood tide and a sudden wind hole could have been disastrous for Gwalch she just managed to round to buoy by shooting at the last second.

On the first run down to the leeward mark, Mercury made ground on an inside track close to Conwy Marina but didn’t catch Gwalch.

Gwalch narrowly missed hitting the Deganwy Marina Outer PH Buoy with her boom but rolled the boat at the last second and this lifted the boom over the mark. In the excitement Mercury overtook on the inside and the boats were neck and neck at the start of the second lap but Gwalch managed to regain her lead in the beat and held it to the finish despite a strong challenge on the final beat to the finish.

Only 15 seconds between the boats at the line and a very good race. Special mention for Colin who returns to racing this year after nearly 2 years recovering from ill health.

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