CODBLOG 4 : Tools of the Trade

The CODs are not lightweight dingies! They weigh a ton and with a fixed keel require substantial support and careful handling (or lots of strong and willing bodies!)

As we were going to do a lot of work on the boats they needed strong cradles and also some means of safely lifting them on and off trailers.

Mike Brookes kindly donated a load of heavy timber and sufficient steelwork to build a scaffolding over the boat so that we can hoist it well off the ground. We put wheels on the bottom of the scaffolding so we could move the boat about. We did reposition Kandahar in the tent with this method but it was difficult because of the uneven terrain inside the tent.

Monty Nicholls kindly donated a 4-wheel trailer that was surplus to his requirements. We’ve modified it to transport CODs and it has been really useful doing that and also transporting the guardboat “Sior”.

Alun Simpson’s shed is a veritable goldmine for tools etc. but we have been missing a suitable bandsaw for cutting things like oak beams. We think we have this in hand ………

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