CODBLOG17: Storm Damage

Since we put the tent up, the big question has always been “How long will it last?”. On a nice calm day we don’t even think about it — but when the wind blows, being inside feels like being at sea in a gale, head-to-wind with everything flapping!

We’ve put in extra guy ropes, glued patches on, put eyelets in to lash it down and we’ve managed to keep the thing intact and reasonably watertight. Until now! With the gales over the New Year we lost the battle. The tent roof flapped its last flap! We are now open to the elements.

Fortunately, the gales were not accompanied by too much rain so we we managed to cover all our work-in-progress with borrowed tarpaulins which has given us some time to carry out remedial work.

We had a bit of brainstorming on the repair work and a new roof panel has been ordered. We decided to put extra bracing onto the frame and Keith scrounged some suitable pipework which we’ve now bolted up. When the new roof is ready we’ll get a team together to put it on and hopefully we’ll be back in business!

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