Come Sailing with the CODs!

A Conway One Design is a racing keelboat.

Find out more about keelboat sailing here from the RYA.

Never been sailing before but like to give it a try

If you’ve never been on a sailing boat before, a trip on a Conway One Design is a great way to see what all the fuss is about. 

Our boats are less tippy than dinghies and you are very unlikely to end up in the water! Equally, they are more hands on than our big sisters, the cruisers, so there is more to do to keep you interested.

Ready to step up to a Conway One Design?

Sailing in dinghies is a great way to learn how to sail.  For those interested in developing their seacraft skills, stepping up to a keelboat like a Conway One Design can be an attractive option. 

CODs are larger, heavier, and more stable than dinghies and rarely, if ever, capsize.  They are more suited to sailing at sea in coastal areas than dinghies which means that our sailing area can include the Conwy Bay, even over to Puffin Island and round the Great Orme – a fabulous sailing ground.

Taster sessions and try-outs with the Conway One Designs

You do not need to be a club member to come out with us for a sail and no experience is necessary either although if you would like to crew in races with us then some sailing experience is useful. For more details about what to expect click the button below.

Club Sailing Days on Thursdays

  • Club Sailing will be on every Thursdays in the Sailing Season (April to October) weather and tide permitting.
    • We do not like to sail in adverse weather conditions! e.g. strong wind (over about 20mph) and or heavy rain.
    • The session starts about 2 hours before high tide to about 2 hours after high tide and we do not like to start before 9am or finish after 7pm.
  • The sailing will be confined to the more sheltered waters of the harbour.
  • The Club launch, Siôr will be manned and standing by to provide help and assistance if necessary.
  • All the boats will be skippered by an experienced club member and there will be up to 2 places available in each boat for those who wish to sail.

To book a place

  • Register your interest by joining the COD Sailing Crew WhatsApp group. Send your details including your mobile phone number to
  • Check out the dates and start times on the Club Sailing programme here
  • Let me know through the WhatsApp Group which day you would like to sail with us.
  • I will confirm back when you are booked on.
  • I will then confirm on the week of sailing that the sail is going ahead.

Third seat for Race Days

  • The same system is used if you would like to come on a race day with us.
  • Mostly the boats sail with two up: helm and one crew, but there is plenty of room for a third.
  • No experience is required for the racing either but those with some sailing experience will be given more to do on board.
  • The boats are usually adequately crewed with just the help and one crew so if you’d just like to come for the ride that’s fine. Equally, the crew has to work quite hard and will be grateful for help if you can spare a hand.
  • Our main purpose is to have a good day sailing (though some of us are really keen to win too!).

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