CYC Reopening – May 2021

On Monday 17th May 2021 the Covid 19 restrictions will be revised again, allowing us to open the bar for indoor hospitality. These restrictions are subject to change (Elections are over so they don’t have to be nice to us!) but the assumption is that we go back to the conditions that we had before the lockdown last December, ie:

  • Table service only, so stay away from the bar.
  • Wear a mask when inside until you are seated
  • Tables will be cleaned after each use & marked up with the sign when ready.
  • Becky or June will be there to take your order. You can pay at the table.
  • Cashless payment is available.
  • Please observe social distancing rules.

The opening times for this phase will be:

  • Opening Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Open 17.00 hours to 20.00 hours.

Please note that for the last month we have run on a very ad hoc basis with a limited range of stock. We shall start off this way on Monday & then progressively improve the service available.

Also, since the last time we were open, most of our members have had the “two jabs” & many are feeling quite “bomb-proof”. Please remember that we are still under Covid rules & some people are still nervous in company.

We also have a Duty of Care to our staff so PLEASE follow the guidelines.

We have not put a Social Programme together yet for obvious reasons but gradually, as things hopefully get better, we can look forward to progressing to barbeques etc.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy what we can. I look forward to seeing you at the Conway Yacht Club.

Vic Edwards

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