CYC COD Race Report: President’s Cup

Mercury chasing Gwalch!


  • 22nd June 2024

Series / Race

  • The President’s Cup


Wind: WNW BFT3-4 Dry, Sunny and Clear; Sea Slight chop.


  • Course A with displaced start line


  • COD no. 8 Gwalch, Helm: Michael Leahy, Crew: David Warden-Owen
  • COD no. 15 Mercury Helm: Colin Lee, Crew: Mike Robertshaw

Race Officer

  • Pam MacDonald


  • Cox: Jon Cryer and John Naish


  • 1: Gwalch
  • 2: Mercury


Wonderful sailing day with perfect conditions.

Mercury made a superb start. In the first beat Gwalch overtook Mercury initially but Mercury came back and made it to the mark first.

The run back to the perch saw Gwalch getting an advantage with her spinnaker and overhauling Mercury again but made a very untidy mark rounding at the Club Mark and lost a lot of her lead.

It was a close race but Mercury was not able to get ahead of Gwalch again and 2 more laps with spinnaker saw the distance widen.

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